Attic Aged Ham Sliced and Vacuum SealedAttic Aged Ham Sliced and Vacuum Sealed
Attic Aged Uncooked Country HamAttic Aged Uncooked Country Ham

Attic Aged Ham Steaks

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A443Attic Aged Ham Steaks Six 3 to 3.5 oz.
A446Attic Aged Ham Steaks Twelve 3 to 3.5 oz.
A482Attic Aged Ham Steaks Six 8 oz.
A484Attic Aged Ham Steaks Twelve 8 oz.

Shop all of our E.M. Burger Private Stash - Attic Aged Hams and enjoy our longest aged country ham we offer. 

Our Attic Aged Country Ham Steaks are created from a ham that's been dry-cured and aged over 210 days for an authentic, bold flavor that you can only enjoy from country ham. 

After the ham is cured, we then slice from the center portion of the ham to create our convenient, ready-to-cook slices — 8 oz. Steaks are vacuum packaged three per package and 3.5oz. Steaks are vacuum packaged two per package.

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